Chaz Bufe & friends live at Cascabel circa 2000
(Chaz at right playing red Stratocaster)

Chaz Bufe's Publications



  • God's Hit List: Abominations and Death Penalties in the Bible (2006)

  • You Call This Freedom? (2004)

  • Anarchism: What It Is and What It Isn't (2004)

  • Design Your Own Utopia (2002, with Libby Hubbard)

  • 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity (2000)

  • A Future Worth Living (2000)

  • The Heretic's Guide to the Bible (1989)

  • Astrology: Fraud or Superstition? (1987)

  • Listen Anarchist! (1985, expanded ed. 1998)


Chaz's writings have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines since the early 1970s, including Utne Reader, The Match!, Processed World, Freedom, Counterpoise, Communities, New Times Weekly (now Phoenix New Times), and Eye. At present he normally writes for periodicals only upon request.

Music Projects

Chaz's other primary activity is music. His former band, Pinche Blues Band, released a five-track EP of original songs in 2007, "Postal." Chaz was the primary songwriter, writing the music for all of the songs and about half of the lyrics. All of the EP's songs are available below as free mp3s. The personnel were as follows:
  • Abe Acuña — drums and vocals
  • Chaz Bufe — guitar
  • Jaime DeZubeldia — bass
  • Fred Hartshorn — sax
  1. Postal (C. Bufe music & lyrics)
  2. Pinche Blues (C. Bufe music, C. Bufe & A. Acuña lyrics)
  3. Incognito Lounge (C. Bufe music, B. Hullfish lyrics)
  4. Slow Motion Suicide (C. Bufe music & lyrics)
  5. Breakdown in Lockdown (C. Bufe music & A. Acuña lyrics)
In 2014, the band released a second EP of originals, "Three Beer Night." The personnel were as follows:
  • Abe Acuña — vocals and lead guitar on Three Beer Night and Toe Jam
  • Chaz Bufe — lead guitar on all other tracks, rhythm guitar on all tracks
  • Fred Hartshorn — sax and organ
  • Jeff Robbins — drums
  • Michael Zubay — bass
The links below lead to free mp3s of most of the songs.
  1. Three-Beer Night (C. Bufe music & A. Acuña lyrics)
  2. ¿Para donde te fuistes? (C. Bufe music & A. Acuña lyrics)
  3. Abductee Blues (C. Bufe music & lyrics)
  4. Life Is Good (C. Bufe music & A. Acuña lyrics)
  5. Toe Jam (A. Acuña music & lyrics)

    The CD also contains an in memoriam track written by Brian Hullfish, featuring and dedicated to his and Chaz's good friend and longtime bass player, Randy Oliver (1960–2005), who is on the left playing bass in the photo at the top of the page. (Brian is at center, Chaz is at right, and Randy's longtime friend Jim Glinski is in the back on drums. The personnel are the same on the following track, but with Brian doing acoustic guitar in addition to vocals.)

  6. Cashin' Out (B. Hullfish music & lyrics)
Chaz has another two dozen or so originals ready to go — everything from blues-jazz, to SRV-style burners, to country, to a New Orleans legba beat dance tune — so expect a new CD within the next year or two.
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